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Honey ; is a healthy, durable, dense and highly nutritious food which is created as a result of bees taking the nectars and process it with some enzymes from their bodies.              


Nectar: This is the source of honey, a liquid made by the plants and rich in sugar.It has an important place in feeding the bees and honey production.         


About Beehives

Beehive: Beehives are the shelters in which bees live as separate colonies.Beehives which were made for holding the colonies aside from the natural life are divided into three sections such as primitive, crossover and modern.       


About Bees

Bee Colony: This is the name given to a colony of bees which live as queen bee, worker bee and male bee.


Queen Bee: This is the female individual that keeps the colony together with the pheromone and hormones it releases and by laying eggs. There is one in each colony.Depending on the conditions it can live up to 5-7 years however it is changed in every 1 or 2 years.     


Male Bee: This is the largest individual of the colony by their body type.They are shorter than queen bee and longer than worker bee.They have no sting.Their only purpose in the colony life is to inseminate the queen bee.Their numbers reach a couple of hundreds at the most.In normal conditions they could live 5 months.      


Worker Bee: This is the smallest individual among others which creates the colony.Their numbers change between 20-80 thousand depending on the season.This is the individual with the shortest life span.They live on the average of 35 days.    


Waggle Dance:  This is the type of movement of the bees with which they could determine the direction, distance source they need and what that source is.Thus the bees do the figure-eight and waggle dance on the comb inside the beehive.


About Beekeeping Products


Propolis: This is a sticky, resin-like substance which leaks from the sprouts of the certain trees.Propolis is carried by the bees in the pollen basket and it is also named as “Bee Gum”.Propolis is used for narrowing the entrance and repairing the openings of the beehives, disinfection of the honeycomb cells, and limiting the dead pests producing germs by rotting inside the beehive.     


Pollen: This is the male reproduction organ of the flower and the pollens which are on the male organis a substance which the bees use heavily for their diet and which is rich in protein, vitamin and mineral.   


Royal Jelly: This is anutrient used in feeding queen bee and larvae which is creamy in form and colour and which is secreted from the glands of the young worker bees after eating a lot of pollen and honey.    


Beeswax: This is a substance secreted from the glands located on abdominal segments of honey bees after eating honey in 12-18 days period, at the maximum 14 days period. In Agricultural Beekeeping, it is put in the middle of the frame so that the bees could process at the two sides of the frame in the Honey Production with Honeycomb.